Batter or Dough

We currently live in a hustle and bustle world, from the moment we open our eyes and stretch our arms to tucking ourselves as we fall asleep. The food we consume has become a commodity where convenience and price come first, while nutrition takes a back-seat. On top of it, guests are treated as transactions.

Batter or Dough wants to change all that. We want to be a daily escape as we focus on using filling and quality ingredients We begin by introducing specialty coffee with food that pairs well with it.

Come find us at the ground floor of the East Tower of the Philippine Stock Exchange building (Tektite) in Pasig City. We’ll be glad to brew coffee for you and keep you company.

I was the Marketing Manager for Batter or Dough and managed their social media for the short time I worked with them. I took in store photos and edited posted and publicity materials for the cafe’s promotions.