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Stammi Vicino Caffè

In June of 2017, my friends and I teamed up to organize our first pop-up cafe. We all met in the same year because of one animated show. The Stammi Vicino Caffè was named after one of its main songs, so we used an Italian theme to go with it.

Eventually, we adapted the cafe’s name into our team’s name and became known as The SVC PH, organizing events every year.

Branding and publicity for the Stammi Vicino Caffè, a Yuri!!! on Ice themed butler cafe.
Worked on logo and branding, publicity materials, illustrations, and photo editing.



Born to Make History: A Yuri!!! on Ice Fan Gathering 2017
March 26, 2017 (Sun) #yoiconph2017
Bayanihan Center

At dahil may “ph” sa #yoiconph2017, hindi namin palalampasin ang pagkakataong pag-usapan ito. 🇵🇭 Maita-Tagalog nga ba ang Yuri!!! on ICE? Paano nga ba maisasalin ang “figure skating” sa Filipino?

Born To Make History: A Yuri!!! on ICE Fan Gathering presents an interesting, explorative panel on a hypothetical Filipino dub of Yuri!!! on ICE. @fildubVoiceiyuu, and Dettsu will walk us through the current landscape of dubbing and voice acting in the Philippines, the unique challenges of translating a show like Yuri!!! on ICE, and showcase fully dubbed and translated versions of some beloved Victuri scenes. 💙 



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Luna @ 150: Pagrosas ng Nag-aalimpuyong Kalayaan is a photography exhibit, awarding ceremony, fashion show, and culminating activity of the group, Los Lunaticos Bravos. As one of its founders and its main event organizer, I was under the guidance of John Arcilla who was widely known as Heneral Luna at the time.

More details about the event can be accessed here.

Branding and publicity for General Antonio Luna’s 150th birthday event,
Luna @ 150: Pagrosas ng Nag-aalimpuyong Kalayaan, last October 27, 2016.


Apocalypse Child

Apocalypse Child is an award winning movie directed my Mario Cornejo and produced by Monster Jimenez under Arkeo Films. I worked with them for my Digital Marketing internship during the time they were promoting the movie because they saw the fanart I drew when I watched a screening in UP Film Center.

website home page

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Website for Apocalypse Child circa April 2016, it has been changed since then.
A working draft version can be viewed here.

Business cards and flyers for Apocalypse Child,
for the Udine Film Festival 2016.

Beach bag design for Apocalypse Child,
for the Philippine premiere of the movie in October 2016.