Personal Use Commissions

Commissions under this category are strictly for personal use only. That means the art you’ve commissioned cannot be sold, used for printing merchandise, used for promoting your store or generate any kind of sales, and any related money generating activity of the sort.

Please consider what you will use your commissioned artworks to see the difference in pricing and turnaround time.

You may refer to the Terms and Conditions for a more detailed explanation.

For commissions intended for commercial use, please check these rates instead.

Lines OnlyOne CharacterAdditional Character
Bust / Portrait 25 USD15 USD each
Half Body / Waist Up40 USD20 USD each
Full Body70 USD40 USD each
× Maximum of 2 characters per canvas
rate: $1.00 = ₱50.00
Watercolor StyleOne CharacterAdditional Character
Bust / Portrait 45 USD30 USD each
Half body / Waist Up60 USD40 USD each
Full Body100 USD70 USD each
× Maximum of 2 characters per canvasrate: $1.00 = ₱50.00
Other KindsPriceAdditional
Sketches5 USD5 USD each
Icon16 USD12 USD each
Chibi – Full Color35 USD20 USD each
Pet Portraits40 USD25 USD each
Reference Sheet150 USD25 USD per model
× Reference sheets up to 4 models per canvas
× Sketches up to 3 characters per canvas

× Everything else only 1 character per canvas

rate: $1.00 = ₱50.00