Visual Poetry Books

I became interested in creative writing after being inspired by a local historical film, so I began writing poetry in Filipino and in English. I translate these poems into visual pieces, and eventually into books. I have published one for my publication finals, and sewed the book myself.

Ever since then, I have been writing occasionally and slowly turning my pieces into books. I have self-published 2 poetry books in both Filipino and English. They are currently for sale online on Gumroad as PDFs.

Sigwa by Dettsu

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SIGWA, a visual poetry book for my Publishing Design finals.

SIGWA, a visual poetry book for my PublishiSIGWA in book form,
designed and sewn to be presented as a flat Design finals.

Hilagyo/Essence and Kaisa-isa/My One and Only,
Two visual poetry fan books I wrote in both languages.

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